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  • Zhuhai Zero Distance Translation Center
  • Add: Room 3B, Bldg 21, No.58 E. Shihua Road, Jida, Zhuhai City, China
  • Tel:0756-3321408
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?? Zero Distance for Your Communication with the World Historically, translation served as a bridge between China and the rest of the world to link and promote the cultural and economical exchanges. Today, with China’s entry into WTO, translation has become increasingly important. Prompt and accurate translation cleans up the language barrier, promotes communication and cooperation and helps you win every business opportunity.

?? Established in 2003, Zhuhai Zero Distance Translation Center is a professional translation company registered with Zhuhai Industrial and Commercial Administration and it is specialized in providing customers with quality and efficient translation service. The Company enjoys high reputation among customers of all walks from Zhuhai, Macao, Hong Kong and other cities in China. It has developed stable long-time cooperation relation with many big companies and governmental organizations.

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?? As a professional translation company, it is our obligation to keep confidentiality commitment. Strict confidentiality system has been established in the Center to treat as confidentiality all information received or obtained from the customers.

?? 1. Term of confidentiality: we hereby undertake that all information received or obtained from the customer, if no special requirement received from the customer, shall be kept for one (1) months or kept until the customer’s acceptance of translation is over. After the above mentioned time limit, all the customer’s document shall be deleted. The document may be kept as required by the customer......

?? Quality Control

?? Quality control system is fully implemented in the Center. Every step of the whole work process always goes with strict quality guarantee standard.

?? 1. Designate competent translator according to the profession sphere of the document......

Workflow More >>

?? With the emerging of new industries and technologies and the development of languages, the requirements on translators and interpreters are growing higher and higher. Zero Distance Translation Center makes regular exchanges between the translation experts in various fields, paying attention to the latest development trends of various industries and acquaints themselves with the new terms in a timely manner.

?? 1.Pre-processing
?? 2.Designate Translator
?? 3.Translate
?? 4.Check and Revise
?? 5.Edit and Typeset
?? 6.Final Proofreading
?? 7.Delivery


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